Cerbat Garden Club

Organized and Federated in 2002



Welcome to the Cerbat Garden Club Website

The goal of the Cerbat Garden Club is to provide open educational programs for all those interested in gardening in the Kingman area, to encourage interest in flower design, to promote civic beautification, and to advance the conservation of our natural resources.

The theme for 2015-2016 is:

A Community of Gardeners

     As the greater Kingman area displays a diverse visual landscape, we as individual members of the Cerbat Garden Club, are equally just as diverse. This theme brings together where we live and who we are as people. This will carry through to our programs and activities.





Presidents' Message:

We wish to welcome everyone to a brand new, exciting year at Cerbat Garden Club.  Our theme for this season will be "A Community of Gardeners".  It is our desire to present many opportunities to share our individual gardens, tips, and skills with our fellow club members, as well as getting to know and share with our community gardeners.

It is our sincere desire to commit ourselves to CGC in order to empower, encourage, energize, and enthuse our members and provide an atmosphere of accomplishment and growth.  We are committed to being good stewards of our club, our community, and our country.  It is also our privilege to present helpful, informative, and fun speakers and projects for this year. 

We look forward to working with everyone this year so that we may all be productive members of Cerbat Garden Club, 2016-2017.


Sandra Hampson - President

Mary Anne Hawkridge - Vice President    


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